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With complete solution for business support services of our clients in a Committed, Focused, Efficient, Cost effective and Time bound manner.

IT Software support

Resource Provisioning

IT infrastructure Support

Providing best solution

Key Elements of Resourcing

Right Direction to the right candidate


Deliver excellent customer support to our clients to run their business better.


Structuring planning identifies the right candidates and prospective employees for the organisation for effective management. Enables the organisation to work and function its own in prioritized manner


Distributing the resources to prioritize work balance, rendering qualitative services assures smooth functioning of the organisation efficiently.

Working Model of Adonitz

Provisioning Consultant to Projects

Client Projects are numerated to provide with cohesive attribution to input a better optimum solution to meet the requirements.Expertise driven through cloud platform can add positive outputs for prime objective of the projects itself. This shall provide as strong foundation for the platform based projects.

Software solution supports

Our IT solution support has a centralized support from consultants for enterprise management, issue management and solution performance, reliability as well as recommend products and services which are friendly, capable and professional. This encompasses the agile software development providing with best IT solution

Infrastructure solution supports

System management tools, high availability and automation applications are driven through network performance management by optimizing and modernizing your infrastructure. Enabling to consolidate and optimises the IT operations. Projects the bolster agility and save much more time for project management solutions.

Cloud solution support

Modernizing legacy applications, enterprise the digital transformation and cloud managed services.plan software solutions and creating strong based business solutions,. Helps in innovative technological solutions and Human resource management services

Digital business solution support

Convergent experience that are human insightful boosts revenue from operations. Workforce productivity and drive innovative increases collaboration which proliferates the tools used for an active digital transformation and implements digital service for office optimisation and services

Securing business data

While its hardware or software, securing business data is important as there is the external substantial threat which can corrupt files. The security gets breached at the same. Providing the best security for no further breaching also ensures the safe zone for securing the business data


Project support
Infrastructure solution support
Resource provisioning

Empowering Expertise Business Support Process

-Bridging Solutions through Innovation-
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The Adonitz team are the ultimate Rockstars. They are professional. experienced and dedicated in helping their clients. They are highly responsive, innovative and they gave the best practices . We are definitely looking forward for more assignments with them.
Prajesh Prasad
We had our first assignment with Adonitz and that worked out very very well. They came up with their approaches quickly for our requirements and their initiatives were well planned and defined. We appreciate their effort and engagement in our processes.
Deepti Bhatia